P1835 Buick Code – Kick-Down Switch Circuit

Possible Causes

Faulty Kick-Down Switch
Kick-Down Switch harness is open or shorted
Kick-Down Switch circuit poor electrical connection

الأسباب المحتملة

تسخير مفتاح التبديل الخاطئ للركل.

Possible Symptoms

Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)

الأعراض المحتملة

ضوء المحرك (أو خدمة محرك قريبا ضوء تحذير) ضوء)


With the key on and engine running, throttle angle less than 89%, the Engine Control Module (ECM) sent a Kickdown request to the Transmission Control Module (TCM).


مع ٪ 20The ٪ 20key ٪ 20on ٪ 20 و ٪ 20Engine ٪ 20running ، ٪ 20throttle ٪ 20angle ٪ 20. 20The ٪ 20transmission ٪ 20Control ٪ 20module ٪ 20 (TCM).

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