P2095 Lincoln Code – ‘B’ Camshaft Position Actuator Control Circuit High Bank 2

Possible Causes

Faulty Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) solenoid Bank 1
Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) solenoid Bank 1 harness is open or shorted
Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) solenoid Bank 1 circuit poor electrical connection

الأسباب المحتملة

توقيت عمود الحدبات المتغير الخاطئ (VCT) بنك الملف اللولبي 1 توقيت عمود الحدبات (VCT) بنك الملف اللولبي 1 تسخير مفتوح أو اختصار توقيت عمود الحدبات (VCT) بنك الملف اللولبي

Possible Symptoms

Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)

الأعراض المحتملة

ضوء المحرك (أو خدمة محرك قريبا ضوء تحذير) ضوء)


The Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) solenoid valve is an integral part of the VCT system. The solenoid valve controls the flow of engine oil in the VCT actuator assembly. As the PCM controls the duty cycle of the solenoid valve, oil pressure/flow advances or retards the cam timing. Duty cycles near 0% or 100% represent rapid movement of the camshaft. Retaining a fixed camshaft position is accomplished by dithering (oscillating) the solenoid valve duty cycle.


٪ 20variable ٪ 20camshaft ٪ 20timing ٪ 20 (VCT) ٪ 20solenoid ٪ 20valve ٪ 20is ٪ 20an ٪ 20ansegral ٪ 20part ٪ 20of ٪ 20The ٪ 20vct ٪ 20System 20Oil ٪ 20in ٪ 20TEN ٪ 20VCT ٪ 20ACTUATOR ٪ 20ASSEMBLE 20cam ٪ 20timing. ٪ 20duty ٪ 20cycles ٪ 20near ٪ 200 ٪٪ 20or ٪ 20100 ٪٪ 20Represent ٪ 20rapid ٪ 20movement ٪ 20of ٪ 20The ٪ 20camshaff 20 (التذبذب) ٪ 20The ٪ 20solenoid ٪ 20valve ٪ 20duty ٪ 20cycle.

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